Owner’s Representative/Agent

The design and construction process can be intimidating. It involves a multitude of variables that need to be effectively managed. By utilizing and hiring a team professional, you ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget. You, the owner, can have the peace of mind that your interests are the guiding principals for your project.

With over 30-years as a construction professional and project owner, I have refined problem-solving abilities which includes a background in construction mediation. My skill-set enables the project to move forward with well-defined goals to clarify expectations so you, the owner, can stay focused on your day-to-day business.

A sample of the benefits for cost containment and timely delivery that I bring as your Owner’s Agent and Representative includes:

  • A system for documentation
  • Follow up on critical project issues
  • A problem solving philosophy where the parties can rapidly get to ‘yes’ through collaboration and effective organization
  • Our programing and services are customized to meet your individual and specific project needs
  • Being proactive in managing the resolution of moving parts that often fall through the cracks in any construction project
  • Creating an environment where clear communication is paramount and is the substance that allows for balancing solutions with success for your project.

Bringing on a Representative/Agent/Project Manager at the onset of the design and construction process will help you establish project goals, define realistic task durations, and develop budget parameters. These services ensure the completed project is delivered in a timely and cost effective way that maintains focus on the owner’s interests.

References available upon request.