Design & Construction Consulting

Have you ever thought about doing a construction project, but can’t get past the gridlock that goes on in our minds as to the what, when, where, and how. Maybe it’s the thought “do I even have the resources to do a project like this?”.

Michael Johan and Center Management Group can help ease the gridlock and dispel the nagging thoughts that can so easily bind us when a construction project first shows itself. With an extensive, long-term involvement expertise in the construction industry, we can offer “early-on” insights and help develop your ideas. It may be that what you are envisioning has all the markings of a GO, but needs a professional consultation to bring a bit of reality to the decision making process by offering suggestions to modify, change, or even abandon an initial idea in exchange for another, or saying “no” when appropriate.

Design and Construction Consulting Servicers can be the cost effective “early on” support that your project may need to assist you in moving forward or rethinking the whole process. We offer the extra eyes, ears, and insights that can help you make the best decision possible.

References available on request.